Who needs pedals?


Balance bikes are the most natural transition from
trikes to pedal bikes. The whole training wheel
stage can be skipped and two wheeled balance
can be achieved much earlier. We’ve got balance
bikes from Giant and Kazam in stock and ready
to roll!

Life on Two Wheels

Yes, it would be faster to get across town in a car.  But where’s the fun in that?

A proper bicycle is so much more than the sum of its components.  It’s unrivaled freedom, a perpetual smile, a lifestyle choice and it’s a way to ensure that your cardiovascular system will be strong well into your golden years.  It’s a sunny afternoon on the Swamp Rabbit Trail with your significant other or a 45 mph descent down a North Carolina mountain.  Riding a properly fitted bicycle on a gorgeous day can be a life changing moment.  Come and see for yourself.  Since 1976, Sunshine Cycle has been providing an unrivaled cycling experience to the Upstate.  Our staff loves bikes, our customers love bikes and our goal is to further the sport and adventure of cycling.  We’re here six days a week, and we’re always happy to introduce someone to our favorite sport and pastime.  Stop in and allow us to put you on the right bike, fit you for the right helmet, and try on one of our T-Shirts or perhaps a cycling jersey and see if it doesn’t change your life.


Mountain Biking at Beaver Creek in the Autumn

Let’s Ride

Sunshine Epic

Clark Hill Reservoir 1983

That’s Mike McMillan on the right and Aaron Watson on the left at Clark Hill Reservoir (now Strom Thurmond Lake) in 1983. This is probably the first mountain bike excursion ever enjoyed in South Carolina. While riding, Mike suggested they take a photo. He set up his camera on a stump, they struck a pose and created this iconic photo that now hangs in the shop’s rest room. We know, it’s got a little water damage but it still makes everyone smile.  According to Mike, “We were actually pointing N/NE toward McCormick SC, where Aaron’s Mom lived just across the tracks from Gurley’s ‘The Fresh Meat Store.’”


neal tapes the bars

Neal takes very good care of the bikes he works on.

And that’s what Sunshine Cycle is all about.  Making great memories through the cycling experience.  We’ve been riding bikes for a long time and we all have our favorite moments, photos or stories.

hour of power

One of our Hour of Power shop rides heads out on a sunny Saturday morning.

And we have everything you’ll need for your bike rides, whether you’re looking for a single-speed cruiser or a tricked-out Felt for a full Ironman.  We carry the best bikes, accessories, supplements and clothing. And every cyclist in Greenville knows that the best mechanics in town are at Sunshine, and they’ll keep your favorite bike in prime shape.  Stop in today and we’ll help you create your own cycling history.

Zac and Mike

Zac and Mike on WebWorks Bamboo Bikes
at Pearson Falls Rd tunnel, Saluda NC.