Energy Gels are the Best…and worst

Energy Gels.

They’re a cyclist’s best friend, and worst enemy. They’re sticky, gooey, and require a gallon of water to digest, but when you’re 22 miles from home and running low on calories, there’s nothing like the boost that comes from a gel.

The downside of a gel can be numerous. Once you get this thing open, it’s challenging to get the entire contents into your mouth, and not all over your chin or fingers. From there it’s easy to end up with sticky brake levers and bar tape. And once you get the gel down, you better have enough water to help you digest. And nothing heats up in a jersey like a gel. Downing one on a hot day is like trying to swallow a big spoon of warm cake frosting.


This week only, all energy gels are on sale. So better get them while they’re hot.

I mean, room temperature.

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