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8 thoughts on “Hours & Location

  1. I cannot really shift to my lower three gears in either the small or larger chain on my tri bike. I was hoping to bring in my bike tomorrow (Tuesday) and possibly have it back by Thur/Fri for my weekend ride. When shifting in the lower gear, its rubbing on the front piece that guides the chain (not sure exactly what its called though). Would this be possible? Thank you in advance.

    Jason Miller

    1. Bring it on in Jason. We’ve set up an appointment for it to be done on Friday. Just please try to have it in by Tuesday afternoon. Thanks-

    1. Yep, we sure do. We also throw in a Sunshine water bottle to put it in so you’ve
      got something to wrap up. If you’re not in town, we’d be happy to arrange it for
      you over the phone and send it out to you in the mail.

    1. Hi Brandon,
      We sell complete wheels (rim, hub and spokes) as well as bare rims,
      meaning just the metal hoop that the tire mounts to. Call the shop
      at 244-2925 when you get a minute and we can get you a price based
      on the exact size and quality you’re looking for. Thanks

  2. The weekend of March 14, my wife, daughter and I visited your shop. My daughter was in the market for a new road bike. Yours was the first shop we visited, and my daughter fell in love with the ZW85. Although we did our due diligence and visited a couple of other shops to enable my daughter to look at as many bikes as possible, we ended up back at your shop where she purchased the Felt. Your shop personnel played no small part in her decision. Zac, and later Tyler, performing the fitting, were strong selling points on choosing your shop. The experience at your shop was a delight throughout and we’re looking forward to a long relationship with Sunshine Cycle Shop. Thanks for a great bike-buying experience.

  3. I am in the market for a solid rubber tires. My rims are 29″ mountain. I ride rough and fast and pinch pops flats and tread rolling off has to come to an end. Can you help? My phone is 864-385-9476. E-mail: jrd29650@gmail.com


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