Let’s Ride

Summer in Greenville is full of cycling possibilities. Let’s start with the Greenville Spinners rides at Donaldson Center, now called the SCTAC. 32 miles of gently rolling hills that take you through the southern part of our county. If you’re game, the rides depart at 6:00 pm from the SCTAC, every Tuesday during the cycling season.

Greenville is also home to some great routes. If you’re new to town, the Bakery ride is one not to miss. There’s usually a group pedaling to the Wildflour bakery in Saluda, NC, every Saturday morning. That route takes you up and through the Greenville Watershed and it’s a very beautiful and cycling friendly route.

There’s also a host of sponsored rides starting with the Meals on Wheels ride, the Ride to Remember, the JDRF ride, and so on. If you’re in town and want to ride, stop in and say hi and we can fill you in. If you’re new to the Greenville area, have a look at the Greenville Spinners Cycling Club. They’re a great resource for everything cycling in our area. Membership is only $25 a year and it’s well worth it.

And remember, keep the rubber side down.

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